Plein Air oil paintings.  Either painted on the spot or from sketches or watercolours painted on location.  Photographs are not used.

Autumn Pond

Oil on canvas 30x24

Lords Bushes

Oil on canvas 18x12

Near The Queens House

Oil on canvas 24x36

Night Pond

Oil on Canvas 18x18

Pond in Spring

Oil on canvas 18x18

Pond Life

Oil on canvas 24x36

Queens House Pond

Oil on canvas 12x18

Queens Pond version 2

Oil on canvas 30x40

The Cliffs at Babbacombe

Oil on canvas 20x30

The Pulpit Tree

Oil on panel 12x18


Oil on Canvas 20x30

Ancient Roots

Oil on canvas 20x36

Reflections in lake

Oil on canvas 36x24

  • Autumn Pond
  • Lords Bushes
  • Near The Queens House
  • Night Pond
  • Pond in Spring
  • Pond Life
  • Queens House Pond
  • Queens Pond version 2
  • The Forest at Night
  • The Beach at Babbacombe
  • The Cliffs at Babbacombe
  • Babbacombe Beach
  • The Pulpit Tree
  • Reflections
  • Ancient Roots
  • Reflections in lake
  • Ancient Tree