Esperion Gallery 159 Bethnal Green Road 10-15 July 2014. Exhibition celebrates the physicality and sensuality of the human body. Artists were invited to submit work which confronts the many meanings of flesh, and challenges socially-imposed taboos and notions of sin and virtue as well as exploring our preconceived notions of what it really means to be made of meat. Jo King The Erogenous Sculptures Voluptuous and erotic to some, offensive perhaps to others, these are, in a sense, incendiary devices. You can appreciate them as beautiful abstract forms, or a celebration of sex, or if you are brave take them as rage against political correctness. They wickedly caricature our culture's obsession with aspects of male and female anatomies. They are rude, sexy objects that call into question society's obsession with sexualised imagery perhaps, or then again perhaps they are just erotic. In either case they are mischievous. Enjoy. They are traditionally fashioned from plaster. Similar ones can be made.